2017 Buick Cascada 1SP
$0 Down payment
$381/mo 36 mos
$339/mo 36 mos
$1805 DAS
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**What We Like**
-Dramatic, attention-grabbing styling
-Upscale interior materials
-On-the-go, quick folding roof
-Folding backseat expands trunk
-Excellent value
-Minimal wind buffeting

**Notable Features**
-All-new four-seat compact convertible
-Front-wheel drive
-Based on European Opel model
-One engine and transmission
-Automatic-deploying rollover bars
-Top can be raised or lowered at speeds up to 31 mph

2016 Cascada Review by Moloka'i Mike from Ponte Vedra, FL on September 11, 2016

Watching the Super Bowl earlier this year cost me a new car.
I had not heard of the Cascada until I saw the SB ad for it; to this day it’s the only ad I’ve ever seen for the car, TV or otherwise.
And since I love convertibles (had two Triumph TR-3s as a young man) and don’t want a pricey European import, decided to go to the dealer and take a look.
I did, and I was hooked. I am tall (6’5″) and most convertibles have me looking directly at the top of the windshield frame,
instead of through the glass. Not good. But not so the Cascada, where I sit low enough that I can actually see the road instead of the windshield frame.
Much mo’ bettah, as we used to say in Hawai’i. Since the last car I bought was a 2003,I admit to being stunned (and delighted) at the progress the industry
has made in 13 years with respect to goodies in the cockpit. The Cascada cockpit is something out of Star Wars compared to my last car,
and it has enough doo-dads to keep me entertained for years to come. The engine is also a pleasant surprise: it’s only 1.6 L but it’s quite peppy
and remarkably low-revving for any given speed…it can cruise at 60 mph at barely 2,000 RPM…pretty good for such a small engine.
Mileage is also surprisingly good…just did a trip where I got a little over 30 mpg on the Interstate, cruising at 64 mph. Bottom line:
I really like the car and of course look for reasons to drive it…and living in Florida, that’s not hard to do!

Comfort – 5/5
Performance – 5/5
Exterior Styling – 5/5
Interior Design – 5/5
Value for the Money – 5/5
Reliability – 5/5
Purchased a new car
Uses car for just getting around
Does recommend this car
11 out of 11 people found this review helpful.

The sky is unlimited in view by Brazil Radio from Orange Park, FL on January 15, 2017

I just got my 2016 model and while reading a lot of the Professional review, I can understand and see there point to cover all
bases, but if one just wants to drive with the top down and enjoy the day one has MANY choices. I came across this car just
walking around and while it has flaws as most cars do you have to take in mind what you want. I am not looking to go to the drag
strip and burn rubber or haul a warehouse of item in the boot. For me the style and the openness is my view point. Yes a lot of
buttons on this cars and it will take me sometime to learn them all but I will use what I use and the rest does not matter to me.
I missed my days of rag topping and while I was thinking of others (MX-5 Miata), I went this way and so far I am happy and enjoying
the ride. SO decided for yourself what works for you and put the top down and ENJOY!!!!!! P.S. Left the Reliability score blank as
I just got the car and time will answer that one. Ok program will not let me post till I put something in the box so will say average
but really can not say at this time is my answer……

Comfort – 4/5
Performance – 4/5
Exterior Styling – 5/5
Interior Design – 5/5
Value for the Money 4/5
Reliability – 3/5

Purchased a new car
Uses car for having fun
Does recommend this car
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

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