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2016 Buick Verano

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When is the Best Time to Buy a New Car?

There are many theories surrounding this topic, we want to break it down for you the consumer. Are Rainy Days the way to go?  If there are no other buyers on the lot, the car salesman will offer a profound discount to get the sale? A possibility yes, but the reality is it’s just as likely that after slushing about a wet car lot, you might send the signal to the salesman that you really, really need a car today and she may drive for a better price. So, this one might be a wash, so to speak.

Perhaps during Holiday Times?  Many years ago the theory held that business could be slow around Christmas time at car dealerships, and that bargains could be had from dealers stressed to make a sale. Another theory has been that inventory is low in December and it’s only a good time to shop if they have what you want in stock. Nonetheless, in 2012, December became the month of the 3rd– greatest amount of vehicles available to buy, states Edmunds analyst Jeremy Acevedo. He predicted that trend to carry on in 2013. But the simple truth remains that car dealers can be quite determined to sell in December. How about the theory of coming in 15 minutes till closing?  Some savvy shoppers presume that if they show up 15 minutes before the dealership closes the sales people will rush the back-and-forth negotiating in order to go home. This idea, however, is very misdirected. How it really happens is that they close the shop and carry on negotiating. Salesmen are prepared to remain past closing to finish a sale.

To car shop at the beginning of the week is a viable theory.  Dealers tend to be busy on the weekends, so if you stand firm on your price, a salesman can move on to another potential customer. So perhaps shopping Monday through Friday when there is less foot traffic at the dealership you can receive the sales person’s complete attention. All things considered, during a slow Monday or Tuesday, the crowded weekend sales may seem like decades away for a car salesman. Another theory is end of the month shopping. Since Dealers may be just shy of meeting their quota for the month that they need to receive their bonus, they may discount your vehicle to constitute their quota and make up the difference with their bonus.

At the end of the model year? Last year’s models lose their luster and also their big price, as the new cars start to arrive. There can be several astonishing discounts, frequently many consumer cash rebates, low interest incentives and even dealer cash to be had. At the close of a cars model period?  While the manufacturer will continue producing a specific car model, they are about to present a totally redesigned automobile under the same model name Now you will find some significant discounts. If you are more of a bargain hunter as opposed to a trendsetter, then this is your time to shop. Your savings could be big, especially if you follow the dealerships incentives and rebates closely. Perhaps if a car model is about to be discontinued? Occasionally a car maker will declare that a vehicle is going to be discontinued – permanently.  At this point, we’re talking far and away big financial savings. However there are 2 issues to deal with: the fact you just acquired a vehicle that will drop in depreciation, and the second is you must continue to keep fielding queries like, “wasn’t that car shelved?” by relatives and friends.

Big discounts during a Full Moon? We merely threw this one in to demonstrate our point that there is no one great time to receive extreme savings on a car buy. Actually, the optimum time to purchase a brand new vehicle is when you need one, and once you have accomplished all your car research. Research the price, and factor in any rebates and incentives.  Also, check if there are Edmunds Price Promise® Offers for the vehicle that will save you the time and stress put in to negotiating the price. Now you are ready to make your deal. In the end, this strategy can be a lot more logical than attempting to foresee the results of weather conditions, holidays, and the seasonality of your vehicle purchase.