2015 Lincoln MKZ & MKZ Hybrid Commercials

January 2015

Following the actor Matthew McConaughey’s enigmatic rambling sessions/man-on steering wheel monologues for the Lincoln MKC, Lincoln has yet again tapped McConaughey, this time for a pair of ads featuring the 2015 Lincoln MKZ sedan.

The TV commercials made their unveiling on New Year’s Day, during a barrage of college football broadcasts. Viewers were able to see McConaughey shine some of his star power for the Lincoln MKZ and MKZ hybrid midsize sedans.  The ad for the MKZ hybrid is entitled “Balance,” it is a simple ad and is heavier in dialogue than the MKZ ad.  The commercial song is “Fireworks Went Off” by Cliff Martinez. It opens with actor McConaughey standing outside the car during sunset at Griffith Park in front of the L.A. skyline, and then continues with McConaughey driving the sedan along curvy coast-side roads. The ad also showcases interior Lincoln technologies. The lengthy McConaugheyian monologue is surprisingly not about the car but the possible reason why they created this car. The ad appears to promote the satisfaction the MKZ hybrid bequeaths to the vehicle’s driver, and not necessarily the image of noble environment-saving.

The second ad, which showcases the regular gas-fueled MKZ sedan, is significantly more brief and is entitled “Diner.”  This ad opens with actor McConaughey sitting indolently in a small neighborhood restaurant in Silver Lake, sipping from his cup a heavy rain comes down outside. When the rain seizes, McConaughey flicks his glass of water then stands and steps coolly into the MKZ.  McConaughey then opens the sedan’s large and impressive optional sunroof and simply states “There we go” in a gravelly McConaugheyian drawl, before driving through a tunnel. Many are puzzled by this ad. What does it mean? Should we be feeling overtones of freedom, a passion to drive, or perhaps we’re just intended to look at the size of the MKZ’s $2995 retractable glass roof panel and be captivated.