Lease Deals

Leasing a Buick is a great option for todays’ new car customer. Buick offers lease deals with all of their models and each of our Buick models have payment options with $0 down. While leasing and purchasing each have their own advantages, with leases you have the opportunity to drive a brand-new Buick every two years. By participating in our Buick lease deals we can keep you behind the wheel of a new Buick your entire life. Our Buick leasing program allows for lower payments while keeping yourself in the new models each lease. On the other hand, for our Buick customers who prefer to purchase their vehicles, the purchase option allows the customer to gain ownership and equity of their Buick after completing the payment plan. If you bought your Buick, you will eventually be given the opportunity to sell your vehicle and to regain some of the great investment you put into your Buick.  While the preference to leasing your vehicle will not technically give you money back like a purchase plan may, it is an excellent choice for many especially when you like seeing yourself in a brand-new Buick more often.

For those of you who enjoy modifying your vehicle or drive an extensive number of miles per year buying your Buick is the way to go. The majority of lease contracts do not allow for modification of any part of the car after it leaves the dealership. Another advantage of buying is that you will not break your lease simply by enjoying driving your Buick. What we mean is there is no mileage limit when you purchase your Buick. Most leases allow for 10,000 to 15,000 miles to be driven each year.  When deciding between leasing and purchasing, consider the service of your Buick as well. When servicing your Buick lease, most of the repairs will be covered by warranty. With all vehicles there is limited warranty on parts, but the Buick lease programs generally covers any problems you may have with the vehicle during the lease.  With purchasing your Buick, the first few years will be covered by warranty same as your Buick lease; however, you will enter a time frame when the vehicle has aged a few years and the warranty on parts will have expired. Further investments in the maintenance of your vehicle will maintain its value when it is time to purchase your new Buick.

Leasing or purchasing your Buick depends on what type of owner you prefer to be. Either Buick will give you the lease deals or purchase contract for your needs.