Ford Dealers Handle Safety Recalls

Dearborn, MI. January 2015

Ford Motor Company, based in Dearborn, Michigan is announcing two auto safety recalls. There have not been any injuries or accidents caused by either of these circumstances. The specific details of the recall include the information below.

Ford announces safety recall for the 2010-2013 Ford Taurus, Lincoln MKS and Ford Law Enforcement Interceptor sedans for interior door handle problems. This safety recall is for about 205,000 2010-2013 Ford Taurus, Lincoln MKS and Ford Law enforcement Interceptor sedans, as a result of a concern with the spring that regulates the inner door handles. Without the spring being properly seated, the risk of injury in a side-impact collision is increased because the door may become unlatched.  At this time, Ford is not aware of any incidents or personal injuries associated with this issue.

Afflicted automobiles consist of particular 2010-2013 Ford Taurus cars manufactured between Dec. 1, 2009 to July 31, 2010 and Feb. 1, 2011 to Nov. 30, 2012 at the Chicago Assembly Plant; a number of 2010-2013 Lincoln MKS autos manufactured between June 2, 2011 to Oct. 31, 2011 at Chicago Assembly Plant; and several 2010-2013 Ford Police Interceptor sedans manufactured during Dec. 1, 2009 to July 31, 2010 and Feb. 1, 2011 to Nov. 30, 2012 at the Chicago Assembly Plant.

The number of vehicles affected includes 204,945 automobiles in The United States and territories, 108 in Mexico, as well as 9,948 in Canada. Ford Dealers will examine all interior door handles then replace or repair where required, free of charge to consumers.

Additionally, Ford announces a safety recall for several 2014 Ford Transit Connect automobiles for safety belt fastener torque problems. This affects nearly 16,100 Ford Transit Connect autos for a possible safety issue with the safety belt fasteners. The concern with safety belt fasteners is that if they were not installed to meet torque specifications they could become loose resulting in an increased chance of injury in a collision. Ford is not aware of injuries or incidents associated with this issue.

Impacted automobiles consist of  a number of 2014 Ford Transit Connect vans made  between Nov. 6, 2013 to Sept. 20, 2014 at Valencia Assembly.  These 16,091 automobiles are situated in the United States.  Michigan Ford  Dealers and Ford Dealers nationwide will check and replace these safety belt fasteners at no charge to consumers.